Atom (V)

Dried peppers, butter, yogurt & garlic. Spicy!


Ezme (V)

Tomato, onions, peppers, lemon & parsley. Slightly spicy.


Cacik (V)

Yogurt, cucumber, garlic & mint.


Humus (V)

Chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon, garlic & cumin.


Baba ganoush (V)

Smoked eggplant, tahini, garlic & yogurt.


Pancar (V)

Beetroot, garlic, yogurt, mayonnaise, pickle & capers.


Mezze mix (V)

When you can’t or don’t want to choose. A selection of all our cold mezzes for two or more persons.



The classic. With a home-made bone broth.


Domates (V)

Vegetarian tomato soup with roasted tomatoes.


Kalamar Tava

Deep-fried squid rings with a homemade garlic sauce.


Sigara (V)

Rolls with feta and kasari cheese, parsley & dill.


Karides güveç

Stewed shrimp with fresh tomatoes, peppers & cheese.



Rolls with sucuk sausage, cheese, tomatoes & peppers.


İçli köfte

Blanched bulgur balls filled with minced meat, baked in butter



Vine leaves & vegetables filled with rice and minced meat. Varies every season.


Warm Mix

Three entrees of your choice for two or more persons. Can also be made vegetarian.


Mezze + warm mix

A combination of our cold mezzes and warm starters for two or more personsl



Chicken fillet skewer & thigh fillet.


Adana kebab

Slightly spicy minced meat skewers.


Beyti Kebab

Kebab covered in a thin layer of flat bread with tomato sauce and yogurt.


Rib Eye

Beef steak from the ribs of the beef, boneless.



Lamb chops, the Turkish way.



Our most tender piece of meat, the tenderloin. With a homemade sauce.


Kuzu Sis

Skewer of tender pieces of grilled lamb.


Mix grill

A combination of our grill dishes. With chicken, adana kebab, lamb chop and rib eye.


Grill special

A combination of our grill dishes for two or more persons.With chicken, adana, lamb chops, lamb skewer & rib eye.


We serve all our grill dishes with our rice, fries and salad.

Main Course

Hingel (V)

Cooked dumplings filled with spinach, mushrooms & onions. With tomato sauce & garlic yogurt. Can be vegan!


Vöfte (V)

Our vegetarian twist on the traditional kofte. Served with rice & vegetables.



Cooked envelopes with minced meat accompanied by garlic yogurt and a red butter sauce.


Hünkar beğendi

The Sultans choice. Stewed lamb served on a bed of smoked eggplant puree and rice.



Lamb shank served on a bed of spicy rice with pine nuts and currants.



Salmon fillet with a dill sauce. Served with rice & vegetables.


Balik Sofra

Our selection of different types of fish.With bream, tiger prawns, mussels, squid & octopus salad. For two or more persons.


We serve all our main course dishes with our fries and salad.

Kids menu


Chicken nuggets, fries, cucumber & ice cream.



Meat balls, fries, cucumber & ice cream.



Not too sweet, twice as crispy. Served with ice cream.



Ice cream with chocolate sauce & whipped cream.



Three different scoops of sorbet ice cream served with fresh fruit.



Crispy baked string dough with cheese, sugar syrup & ice cream.



Pointed baklava, only filled with pistachio nuts. Served with ice cream.



Traditional Turkish rice pudding with hazelnuts.